I will update this list continually, as new characters show up in the blog.

  • Adorável: My son-in-law.
  • Alicia: An acquaintance of Benzie’s.
  • Angela: My older sister.
  • Benzie: A Mercedes-driving friend.
  • Dearie: Me.
  • Dr. Dear: My local oncologist (since 2013).
  • Dr. Friend: One of our doctor friends.
  • Dr. Gas: One of our doctor friends.
  • Dr. Plastic: My plastic surgeon.
  • Dr. Silvertones: My diagnostic radiologist.
  • Dreamboat: My husband.
  • Franny: A friend from my political circle.
  • Mrs. So-and-So: Me.
  • Ms. Plan B: Another name for me.
  • Nurse Forgettable: A hospital shift nurse.
  • Nurse Hehe: An ER nurse.
  • Nurse-Practitioner Wellmeaning: A palliative care specialist.
  • Progeny: My daughter.

…and Me: Because somebody has to write this stuff.